Reading from ESRI

Hi everyone,

Has anyone written a workflow to extract data from ArcGIS ESRI platform?

I have a dataset in there and I simply want to extract that data table through Knime so I can throw it into a table to either create as an Excel or write into another table elsewhere.

I have to do through it Knime as I will be connecting it with a different workflow.

I have looked into GET Request node and String Manipulation node to create the url but I need help with the actual workflow (nodes need to connect with a login etc), I just need an example of a workflow I can then follow the logic of and amend it specifically for my use.

Has anyone done this before? I did a search online and there is very limited threads on ArcGIS stuff.

Thanks very much.

hello ,I have tried before and can also obtain it. But this is not the best method. It is recommended to use QGIS or FME to obtain better results.

You can install Geospatial Analytics Extension for KNIME, it allows you to read gdb with GeoPackage Reader, or shapefile with GeoFile reader


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