Reading Google Sheets from a Shared Drive

I’m trying to access a Google Sheet that’s in my Shared Drive (not My Drive) to append data to it.
I can’t access it using Google Sheets Connection as it just grants access to Google Sheets in “My Drive”.

Any thoughts or advice?

hi @HBDataTeam,

mark the files as favorite in GDrive.
Then you should be able to access them with Google Sheets Connection.

Greetz, Tommy

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Thanks for the reply @tommy
Do you mean “Add to Starred” in Google Drive?
I’ve just tried it but still no luck.

Is it a permissions issue in Google Drive? I’ve got Content Manager access right now.

hi @HBDataTeam,
actually, “Add to Starred” has been my solution for accessing GDrive Spreadsheets.
As you’re already able to access files in your My Drive, it should be an issue with the shared Drive settings.
Beside, you should check your preferences in GDrive Web portal and “managing apps” should list KNIME…

Short introduction of Spreadsheet access in KNIME:

I’m afraid, I have no easy solution for you.
Greetz, Tommy

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