Reading information from multiple tabs within a single CSV file

I have information from 5 customers splitted on 5 different tabs within a csv file. I would like to merge all the info in one single table. Is there any way to do it?

Hi @jmancero, can you describe what you mean by “different tabs” within a csv file?

Sorry, my dataset is on an Excel file with 5 Sheets on it (one for each customer). CSV files are single tab files.

Even using the “Excel file reader” node you have to pick which Sheet to read. Is there any way to merge all 5 sheets without making changes at the Excel file?

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Hi @jmancero ,

Thanks for the update. I had a feeling that might be what you meant but thought I’d better ask.

Assuming your sheets are all of the same format, for this you read the sheet names and then put the excel reader in a loop.

See this post for an example…

And also this example from @mlauber71

If, however, the table formats are different on each tab, you’d need to have separate readers for each tab, and wouldn’t use a loop.

Finally, if you need to exclude hidden sheets, see here

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