Reading multiple csv files in version 4.1.1

Hi, is there a way to read multiple csv files in the version 4.1.1? I tried using the list files → table row to variable loop start-> file reader but unfortunately I cant find the dataurl flow variable. Is there any other way?
Thank you!

Hi @Saishiyam , you should perhaps show us what you are doing and how your workflow is configured.

Whatever path Knime found from the List Files should be available as a flow variable when you used the Row to Variable Loop Start.

Can you show us the result of this list and what variable you see for the first iteration of the loop?


Hi @bruno29a my bad, I actually figured it out with the ‘csv reader node’. Unfortunately the file reader node has no flow variable to specify the URL in version 4.1.1

@Saishiyam I think nearly all settings in a node could be configured via Flow Variables. Sometime the naming might not be obvious in the first place but the Flow variables are there.

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Hi @mlauber71 yes yes this is present, but the specific attribute to specify the location within the flow variable is not present. The ‘url’ or the ‘location’ is not present within it.

@Saishiyam could you upload an example with this node?

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I would upgrade the version. I had issues and bugs with older versions as well in enterprise environment.

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