reading multiple Json files at once

Hi everyone, 

I'm new to KNIME but it seems like a very handy tool!
I'm able to upload one json file and do some manipulations with it. But is it possible to upload multiple json files at once and do the same manipulations  on all the files at once? 




Hi Dries,

yes this is possible. Therefore you first need a List Files node than the table row to variable feeding to the JSON Reader before the JSONs are collected with a Loop End node.

Take a look for the iterate Liste of Files Metanode. It is the same idea, just using normal files instead of JSONs

Best, Iris 

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Hi Everyone,


I have the same problem as driesgils, Can anyone please explain how to do it.

@Iris - I'm sorry, I didn't understand your solution because I'm pretty new to KNIME also I found different nodes for the names you mentioned like "table row to variable" has 4 different nodes.

If possible please attach a sample workflow.