Reading .ods files

Is there a way to read .ods files using built-in nodes (without using R, Python, etc.)?

EDIT because my initial reply was incorrect - I learned something!

Right now this isn’t supported natively using the usual File Reader nodes. However, depending on the formatting of the file, you may be able to read the files using the Tika Parser node from the KNIME Textprocessing extension.

Thanks! I’ve managed to read the table in the file, but each cell ended up in a row. Then I gave up, because I didn’t know how to process the file without explicitly coding the number of columns.

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I know it’s late for a reply but maybe this workaround can be useful for you or someone else.

Take your .ods document and save it as .xlsx, so you can use your Excel Reader node. Same thing for .csv.
Given the importance of open source software and formats (KNIME itself is open source), I hope to see the ODS reader node soon.

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@lelloba yes this is a workaround. The other option is to use R or Python to get the data (just in case someone stumbles across this old entry)


It would be very good to see both a reader and a writer for ods as a well supported node.
Or even some other spreadsheet types like qpw

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I’d recommend posting a suggestion in the feedback section, perhaps present your use case and maybe it gathers some votes and the devs will consider it :slight_smile:

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