Reading Paradox data table

Hi all,
Is there anyway for KNIME to read directly a Paradox data table of Borland Database Engine?

I know it’s quite old and I’m afraid if not…
I have many Paradox data table files (*.db) and currently I must transform the files into CSV or Excel files by using another software like Paradox edit.
Thank you.

Hi @kwatari -

One solution might be to install JDBC drivers for Paradox, and then use a DB Connector to access the files.

I found these JDBC Drivers for Paradox on Github. Do they work? I don’t know :sweat_smile:

In theory, you could use then use these drivers with KNIME as described in our documentation: KNIME Database Extension Guide

Another possibility might be to use a Python Script node to try to access the data. Here’s a short example script from Stackoverflow:

It’s always tricky dealing with old database technology. Good luck!


Hi @ScottF , thank you for your advice! I’ll try the driver first.

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@kwatari, @ScottF idea with the (open) JDBC Paradox driver was a good one and I was able to access two older samples of Paradox databases.

First I would set up a new Database in the KNIME preferences with the driver from the Maven site using the full path, the type msaccess and the URL template:


Then the DB Connector would have to be set up using the newly defined driver and the full path of the folder where the .DB files would sit (“Database URL”).

The start of the “Database URL” path will need a double // on a Mac system. I have not tried it on a Windows machine.

Then you will have to disable Transaction that is no blue checkbox with “Enable” (not sure if you really could and should edit or insert data in 30+ years old databases anyway). So this is read-only.

Then you would use the DB Query Reader to actually load the data into KNIME. The usual DB nodes seem to have a problem (no transactions) so you might just want to grab the data and do the rest in KNIME.

Finally success, we have recovered some HP printer settings data from a floppy disc from some 30+ years ago … KNIME takes this “we are a platform” thing to another level :slight_smile:


Nice work @mlauber71 !! I was only about 50% confident that driver would get there in the end. I really appreciate you taking the time to try it out, and also post the specifics of the config, since that seems like the trickiest bit. :slight_smile:


Hi @mlauber71 , thank you so much for the detailed instruction. I followed it and it works!!
It can help reduce many hours of my job (and I’ll be a hero in my company😂). KNIME’s data blending capability is amazing!
Again, thank you for your great help, @mlauber71 and @ScottF !


@kwatari glad you like it :slight_smile: I think you could also automate the process by scanning for folders with .DB files and then provide the Database URL via Flow Variable. One thing I noticed is that if there are other folders with .DB files on the folder ‘level’ they would show up in the list but you would not be able to access them. Might be a thing with the driver. But should not impair the functionality.

@ScottF thank you for your nice words :slight_smile:


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