Reading Port Object into Cell

HI Folks

So i have a port object column which i got from a model to cell node.
when i view the output table i see the data i want.
when i connect the output to a string manipulation or other type of node, i can’t access the data in the port object to further manipulate it.

I tried to use the community Port to File Cells node, however this is expecting a URI port only.

More specifically, the incomign port object is a DBSessionPortObjectSpec

Any ideas?


Hi @Gavin_Attard,

i had a similar issue with the interactive filter node.

The only possibility there to get the (exact) infornation for further processing was the Port Writer, and extracting the info from the written file :thinking:
->I hope the port to cell node will be enhanced to include all the info in the future :see_no_evil:


Thanks for the pointer.

Gave it a go, but in this case didn’t resolve my challenge.

tbh, i’ve been trying to find a quick workaround to the core problem, but don’t think i’m getting anywhere.
I’ll post the root issue in a separate thread

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