Reading TIFF images with CCITT T.6 encoding (Group 4 Fax)


I am currently working with some scanned images in TIFF format that I was hoping to be able to manipulate in KNIME.  However, the Image Reader node isn't very happy with them, giving the following error:

ERROR Image Reader         0:86:59    io.scif.img.ImgIOException: io.scif.UnsupportedCompressionException: Sorry, CCITT T.6 bi-level encoding (Group 4 Fax) compression mode is not supported

I have done a bit of Googling around on this, and it seems that others have come across this issue in java imageio projects (  Is there an easy fix to allow support of these sorts of TIFFs in the KNIP image readers?

(For now I have stuck to what I know, and have hacked a fix going via PNG using PIL in python!)

Kind regards