Reading txt file and splitting out data

imdb_labelled.txt (83.3 KB)

Hi, I’m having trouble picking the right reader for the file I’ve (hopefully) attached. It’s for sentiment analysis so I need to separate the 1s & 0s from the body of the text and then I need it to recognise these 1’s and 0’s as positive and negative (which I recognise will be another node or nodes). I’ve tried a several node types, delimitting function and so on, but it just comes out wrong every time. I’ve used data from Knime to test the rest of the workflow so if I get this bit right then I know the rest works!

Thank you in advance for your help and apologies if I haven’t been clear enough

Hi @Sarah_Dunn ,

I have opened your txt file with a csv reader and it just works fine.

Deselect “has column header”.

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@Sarah_Dunn welcome to the KNIME forum. Here is another approach :slight_smile:

kn_forum_46078_import_text_and_split_column.knwf (47.0 KB)

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Thanks for the help! Feel pretty dumb as that was a simple fix!

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Dumb would be not to ask for help :slight_smile:


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