Reading XLS Sheets


I have downloaded a Excel file from the HSCIC website, and that file has three different sheets. I saved this file in a CSV format in Excel and imported it on KNIME through the file reader node. However, the problem is that I can only view one sheet, is there any chance I can have access to all the excel sheets in KNIME at once, is there a node I need to use for this.

can anyone please help me out 

Thank you 

Uzma Bibi 

As far as I know, saving files to CSV format in Excel will only save the current sheet. In order to preserve all sheets while saving, you should use the XLS format.

The XLS Reader node allows to select which sheet is being read. You can read multiple sheets from the same file by feeding the file path as a flow variable into multiple XLS Reader nodes.

I don't know however if there's a way in KNIME to dynamically get the number of sheets in a given XLS file, in order to loop over all sheets. Maybe someone else is able to help here.




Of course there is. The Read XLS Sheet Names node makes it easy to iterate over the sheets and get all the data into the Analytics Platform.