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I am reposting the request in the main forum to see if anyone can provide guidance on my request below:

My Tableau.hyper file is unable to append/update if I am simultaneously viewing the file in Tableau. Is there a way to append the data from Knime while Tableau file is in use.

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Hallo, the problem is not in Knime. It’s in Tableau that locks the file.
You have to search if Tableau has an option to avoid to lock the file.


@pigreco Thank You!
I guess I will have to use with-in Knime appending and reading.

From Tableau’s site:

Important: When you open a connection to a .hyper file and while the connection remains open, no other process can use the file. That is, while your application is connected to the .hyper file, it has exclusive access: no other instance of Hyper can connect to the file. That means, you can’t open the file using the Hyper API and have the file open in Tableau at the same time.

It would appear it is not possible to have the .hyper file open in Tableua and edit it from Knime at the same time. They would first have to save and close the .hyper file in Tableau then edit it using Knime.


Thank You!

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