Receiving results from a Table matrix

Hello Community,
I am relatively new to KNIME and facing a problem which I would need your support.

How can I get a specific result from a table that has columns and rows.
I have a screenshot below to get an impression of the issue.

So I have a table with column input1 and input 2.
Then I have a matrix table with column A to column D and rows from 1 to 4.

Now I want KNIME to check input 1 value in the matrix rows and the input 2 value in matrix columns. The result should then be the table entry there. I have added the expected results in the screenshots. So it is quite simple. check row, check column give me the result…

would be great to get some support!

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Saltan

Go for the Unpivot node.

Btw: input1: 4 AND input2: C => de ???

gr. Hans

Hello Hans,
thanks for your help. yes you are right input1: 4 and input2: C should result in ce.

Unfortunately I am already struggling by getting the Matrix table into KNIME. I should have been more detailed with my example.

How can I import the follwoing table:

Is it possible to import PIVOT tables or those kind of tables?

The values in the first row of the Pivot table are strings with no order but they are all different.

After I have the above table in KNIME available the program should check each row of input 1 and 2 regarding their values in the Matrix table and give me the expected results.


Hope my description is a bit better now.

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Hi @Saltan

So for the first step can upload your data (sample file / dummy data), to tackle the first step: getting the matrix into KNIME. Maybe a part of the solution can be found by reading in your data from some format into KNIME.
For the people at KNIME Forum it is very helpfull to work with an uploaded datastet, instead of creating it by ourself .

gr. Hans

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