Recoding Categorial Data 2 Binary


I´m new in Knime and need to recode some categorial variables to binary variables in order to feed the k-means algorythm. Can anybody help me how to do the recoding with a tool or function of knime?

As far as I know the in knime implemented k-means doesn´t convert categories for clustering automatically as SAS does (?).

Thank fpr your help :slight_smile:


With the help of the One2Many node a nominal column can be converted to many “binary” columns, having a “1” for those rows where the nominal value was present and a “0” if it was not present.
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Hello ,

I am new to knime community , i want to know is there any way to use categorical data in K mean?

and one more can i draw elbow curve in knime? and purity of cluster ?