Recommendations for connecting to and analyzing Qualtrics Survey data?

What is the recommended connector or use case for connecting to and utilizing Qualtrics survey data? Currently we are receiving Qualtrics data in an SPSS sav file format and then reading that in with a rapid miner node. Seems like there should be a better way to connect to the Qualtrics survey data or a better format other to output it for consumption. Anyone else using Qualtrics as an input?

Hi @benpope -

What about using a couple of lines of R code to read the SPSS file? See below:

Alternatively, if you have access to the export settings in Qualtrics, you could go for something more traditional like CSV or Excel - but it sounds like this might not be possible in your case.

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Thanks for the reply. After some more digging, I’m leaning towards trying to hit the Qualtrics Rest API and then using a get request node to pull the data.


Did you manage to get API to work?Please let me know how you did it if you did. Many thanks in advance

No joy on my end. I think there’s a way, but have not had the time to deep dive it, or figure it out.

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