Recording URL clickthrough

My Data App shows links to external websites. Now I want to gather intelligence of which links get clicked by the users, i.e. the info of who, what, when was clicked recorded in a db. What is the best way to do this? Replacing the link presented to the users with a URL to a secondary workflow with the external site as a parameter and then on that secondary workflow capturing the metadata? But how to open the link? Is there an alternative in where the same hyperlink triggers both opening of the external site and the metadata capture?

I came up with a solution to this. I replace the external URL in the user-facing hyperlink with a URL reference to another “click-through” workflow with the target URL as a Base64 encoded parameter. In the “click-through” workflow I decode the parameter back into a URL, wrap it into an auto-refresh HTML in a String Manipulation node as below and finally present that in a Text Output Wiget.

join(“<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=”,$${Slink}$$,“" />”)

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Thanks for posting the solution! Going to look at doing this myself.


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Here’s two screenshots of the workflow recording the click-through. I am using the Base64 encoding/decoding components made availabe by @gab1one.


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