Recursive Loop End

I m using Recursive Loop End with 2 ports(or 3 ports). The last two ports are for the “Recursion data”.
My aim is to collect two data at the Loop End, while the two data has a different structure.
How I can do perform this task?


You’re really going to have to give more details here so that we can understand the problem. Without that, there’s no way to really help.

At the very least, post a workflow and some data.


The meta-node “SaveGenesAtEachlevel” actually save and concatenate a data to a file then I read again the file to be able to pass it to the next step.
I wanted to collect those data at the “Recursive Loop End” and in the end, i pass it to the next step.


Hi @malik,

don’t think you can do it because both Recursive Loop End nodes have only one port for data collection. Workaround would be to write data locally in each loop iteration (if possible use CSV Writer as it has Append option) and after loop is finished use CSV Reader to read collected data. To make things smoother you can use Create Temp Dir node and write/read data to/from temporary directory which can deleted upon node is reset.

Hope this helps!


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