Recursive Loops with Joiner & value replace

My first post - hoping someone can help!

I'm trying to use the recursive loop function to achieve multiple joiners and overwrite/cell replace.

In 'CmC file' i have 7 excel sheets (09/10, 10/11, 11/12, etc) that provides a list of codes for use each year (Each sheet has 2 columns: Column 1 contains the code to search for in the Database "old code", Column 2 contains the 'new' code that i need to overwrite the 'old code' in the database.  .

in the 'Base Data' i have a large data set, with one column containing this 'CmC' code (number).

My intention here is to take the Base data, use joiner to lookup to CmC, find the 'old code' and return the 'new code'. Then i want to overwrite the cell containing the 'old code' with the 'new code'.

iteration #1 works like a charm.

My problem is that following this 'old' vs 'new' code replacement, the loop doesn't seem to take my updated database through to the 2nd iteration and perform the same joiner on the 2nd sheet (e.g. 10/11).

The variable is correctly identifying each sheet name as a variable to use in the subsequent iterations, but the 'updated' database doesn't seem to flow properly.

Any ideas?



Could you please try with a Loop End node instead of a Variable Condition Loop End node?