reduce / filter the number of words in rows

I want to reduce / filter the number of words in rows and transfer them to the new table. How is it possible to do this only in certain columns?

For example; How can I transfer the character or text in the rows in column A to another table by filtering - reducing string to a specific character.

goal; I want to write the information from the existing data table to the excel table, but the number of characters in the rows prevents it. I am trying to produce a method to overcome this problem.


You could use the Column Expressions node to use the length function to determine whether the string is more than 32K characters and if so use the substr function to chop it down (using an if block… ) like:

if (length(column("someColumn")) > 32767) {
    substr(column("someColumn"), 0, 32764) + "...";
} else {

Is it possible to add a sample workflow?

trunc.knwf (5.7 KB)


Thanks for your help and support. That’s exactly what I wanted.:+1:


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