Refer to file on mountpoint in Python script

Hi everyone,

we would like to refer to a file (a Pytorch model) within the Knime Mountpoint in a Python script. We tried this by using knime://LOCAL like this:

model_path = ‘knime://LOCAL/data/models/model.model’
model.load_state_dict(torch.load(model_path, map_location=device))

This did not work. How can we refer to a file in the Knime workflow space in a Python script? Relative or absolute file paths did not work as well.


Hi Johannes,
currently KNIME URLs cannot be resolved in Python, but there is a workaround that should help you. Can you use the List Files node with “knime://LOCAL/data/models/” as folder and “model.model” in the filter? The result is a table with the resolved path and you can turn that into a flow variable using Table Row to Variable. The variable can then be passed into the Python Snippet.
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Thanks for your answers. Because we are working on the Knime Server, the LOCAL method is not working for us. I did not mention this before, sorry.

Currently, we are trying to load some pre-trained models which are saved on the server within the Knime mountpoint using Python.

We tried the following

  • absolute file system path (srv/knime_server/workflows/…)
  • relative paths starting from the workflow (/…/models/mode.model)

Is there anything else we could try? When I run the same script outside of Knime on the server it works without any problems. I think there is an issue when I run Python within Knime.


instead of local you can also just write knime.mountpoint to reference the current mountpoint.
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