reference splitter (two parameters)

I have two datasets in tabular form. I want to match the tables based on two parameters from each table.
Table one: unique code of the registered transaction and its amount.
Table two: the unique code of the paid transaction and its amount.
As a result, I would like to get two tables: one with a full match (Table1. transaction number and amount = Table2. transaction number and amount) and second one with any data mismatch (amount,transaction number or both).
Which node i can use for this scenario?
Thank you in advance

So to reiterate,

You have two tables
Table 1 fields : Transaction number, Amount, assumption (a,b, c)
Table 2 fields:- Paid Transaction number, Amount, assumption (d,e,f)

You want to get a,b,c,d,e,f, transaction number, amount ( meaning transaction number, amount being similar in both tables)

If my understanding is correct, you can use a Joiner Node
The first output would be the ones which matched exactly as it is

Then you can do a concatenate node on the left unmatched and the right unmatched to see which didn’t mapped from either of the tables.

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