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I used CSV Reader to load more than 10 million records to KNIME couple weeks ago. After that I used some temp files cleaning on my PC. Now I’m getting the message:
ERROR Rule-based Row Filter 0:35 Temp folder “C:\Users\Igor\AppData\Local\Temp\knime_Test153919” does not exist (associated with node context “Rule-based Row Filter 0:35 (EXECUTING)”) - using fallback temp folder (“C:\Users\Igor\AppData\Local\Temp”
Why KNIME continues to refer to temp data used at the load time. CSV Reader did not been reset and has all the data. I even put Cache node in between CSV Readere and Rule-based Row Filter and still got same message. Current version is 3.7.0.

You must not delete any temp files while KNIME is still running! All processed data is written to the temp folder and is only deleted when you close the workflow. Even if you save the workflow still the data in temp folder is used as the “active” data.

I loaded data couple weeks ago. So, can assume that this temp data pretty permanent. Also, it is not clear how this data used if nothing lost, no branching. It was just data load to CSV.

The temp data is used as long as the workflow is open. Once you close the workflow, the associated temp directory is deleted.

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Do I understand well that if Knime is closed and all my workflows were successfully saved before closure, there shouldn’t be any files in the temp directory.
And if there are some, I can then safely delete them.
Am I correct?

The take away from this post. You cannot use software cleaning temp files/folders with open KNIME.

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Yes, this is correct.

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