Refresh Button auto-enables itself in the Node Usage and Layout View after applied changes.

KNIME AP 4.7.2

I have some nested components that contain several Widgets for the Admin to easily customize the view when changes are needed. These Widgets are hidden to the standard user via disabling the Widgets in the “Node Usage” section of the “Node Usage and Layout” View. This works for all the widgets. But when I do some changes later on to the component that do not affect the respective Widgets at all or run the workflow on the server, the “Refresh Button Widget” re-enables itself (checked tick box in the “Node Usage and Layout” View and visible in the Component View and on the Server) and I must hide it repeatedly. That is getting quite cumbersome. I cannot specifically tell when this is happening, but it does quiet often.

Not sure if this is known but would be great if there is a fix for this in of the future releases.




Hey @Anjo,

I just looked into it and it seems to be a bug on our side.
I have opened a ticket (internal reference UIEXT-1234) for it and hope it can be fixed as soon as possible.
I will update this post once it is resolved.


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Hi @DanielBog ,

thanks a lot for your reply and opening the ticket. I just tried in KNIME AP 5.1 with the same result. Actually saving, closing and restarting the workflow is enough to get this behaviour.

Hi, I am just wondering if there has been an update on this topic?

Hello @Anjo ,

I just checked it and it seems this issue has been resolved in version 5.1.1
Give it a try!


Hi @dora_gcs,

thanks a lot for your reply and update. I tested it before on KNIME AP 5.1.0 without success. Now I tried 5.1.1 and the problem seems to be solved at least on the local platform. I cannot test it on the server yet as the Executer is still on a lower version and I have to wait for the update. Nevertheless, I will mark your answer as solution and hope that it works also on the server once we have done the update.

Thanks again.



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