Refresh Button Widget with Clear Selection Possibility in Downstream Table Editor Node

I am trying to construct a workflow for use via the web portal where users select an option and then use a ‘refresh button’ to populate a series of graphs and interactive tables. After quite some experimentation I managed to engineer something close to what I require but have issues with a couple of table editors in the component. Problem is that I want the users to be able to make new selections in these tables for each new selection, but the selections from the last refresh are retained in the tables. I would like these tables to be ‘cleared’ on each refresh. Is there a way to achieve this, for example by passing a flow variable ? I’m also struggling to find a clean way to ‘exit’ from this workflow when user is finished but maybe the Hub examples can help here.

Hi @SteveThornton ,

are you able to reproduce an example and post it here so we can understand better ? A minimal example would suffice so we can follow the idea.


Kind of tricky to simplify but I think the attached demonstrates. Here I select a cluster to be labelled and pick labels via table editor. If I then change the selected cluster and refresh, the table retains the check box selection whereas I would like a fresh selection to be made with no chance that the selections for the previously selected cluster are carried though to the next stage (in my real
Refresh_with_table_editor_example.knwf (26.2 KB)
case saving to a database table)

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I see now, with your example I was able to understand what you are trying to achieve.

The Table Creator node inside the component is always giving the same data/table as input to the first Table Editor (labels) so that is why your editor isn’t resetting. So, unless that input changes, you wouldn’t be able to actually reset that node, even with a button. Maybe this is a bug in KNIME, can’t say for sure.

See the modifications I made (Component2) in order to achieve somehow that behavior.
Refresh_with_table_editor_example.knwf (245.7 KB)

Since the first editor doesn’t change, I would suggest that you keep it that way, but to change the “order” in which your flow works. So, if this looks good to you, instruct the users to:

  1. Use the Clear Selection button of the editor (top right - minus sign)
  2. Select the desired combinations/change labels
  3. Select the target cluster
  4. Hit Update

PS: I didn’t modify anything inside, just the order of operations (rearrange layout).

Do tell me if this was helpful !


Thanks but I was trying to avoid directing users to the reset button. The actually application is rather more complicated than the example I uploaded and I don’t think the target audience will be tolerant to that step - maybe will have to go down that route though. Will let you know if I come up with anything better…

I understand Steve, I figured you were trying to avoid that by reading your problem description, but it’s the only way I’ve could come up to if the input to the first editor node doesn’t change.

Take a look at a similar discussion here, maybe you have found this also in your research… It was solved by changing the input data by looking at the logged user in the web portal

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