Refresh event on single selection widget not firing

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I’ve been trying to use the refresh functionality to make a composite view react to a users single selection (just changing an image output). This works as expected if I use a refresh button widget, but I would like it to use the single selection widget’s own refresh event functionality. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be working. The refresh button is just upstream of it so I know it would respond if it were re-executed, something is just stopping it from happening. The re-execution option is ticked, flow variables are used to set the possible values and default, and the selection type is set to dropdown. I suspect this is a bug, but if anyone knows of a workaround, or a mistake I may have made that would cause this, I would appreciate it.

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Hey MPersin,

Would you mind to provide a workflow or picture regarding your issue? More detailed might needed to answer questions. Thank you.

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Hi Jinwei,

forum demo.knwf (29.9 KB)

Thank you for your response. I’ve attached a demo workflow that replicates the issue. I would like the behaviour that occurs when changing the drop down and then clicking the refresh button to occur automatically when the drop down is changed.

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@MPersin I’ve gone ahead and reported this as a bug internally (AP-20389). I’m also not sure why Refresh works as a node but not as a re-execution option in the Single Selection Widget node. Thank you!


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sorry for the late response. The re-execution in widgets is only possible if there is no legacy mode activated. This is set in the layout editor of the component you have in the attached workflow.