Refresh Widget Examples

I’m playing around with the examples in this blog post:

In this example - “7. Trigger DB Backend: The first search engine ever built without coding” the example gif seems to highlight the search term. The actual workflow I downloaded doesn’t highlight the term. Am I missing something?


Hey @rfeigel,

I guess this GIF was recorded on a KNIME Hub or Server and the search indication was done with the native browser search. It was only to demonstrate that the found words are in the text. If you want to highlight some parts of the text you would need to look into the text processing extension and make use of the Document Viewer Node.


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Thanks for the reply. The blog was very useful. Lots of good examples.

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I recommend using the Tagged Document Viewer though to highlight terms in a data app powered by the refresh button widget. :slight_smile:

Glad you liked the blog post!


I followed your suggestion. Thanks.

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