Refreshing same web page with new data

Hi @Iris ,

In my use case , I have two text boxes, one for input and one for output. How can I create a funtionality like soon after user enter data in text box 1 …it runs through the workflow and outputs result it in the text box 2 (* in the same page). Presently I have it something like below. What options do I have for this use case.

Appreciate you help !

Hi @mohammedayub

At the moment KNIME does not allow to create single page applications. Thus, the solution to your question is to create two different web pages. In other words, you can change things on one page through selection and filter events. If you want to visualize the first page again you’ll need to implement a loop on the two pages.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @Vincenzo . On what conditions, do I loop on and exit the loop ? Appreciate if you could code up a very small example. Meantime I will try this on my own.

-Mohammed Ayub

HI @mohammedayub

Please find attached an example workflow.

In the example you let the user decide to select a specific action. You could try to add it in your workflow. I hope this helps!


Refreshing same web page with new data.knar (55.6 KB)

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@Vincenzo Thanks a lot !
This solves my question.


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