Refreshing the data automatically in knime

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I am extracting data from excel using ‘Read Excel’. Every time when new data get updated in excel, i have to Reset and re-executed the every nodes to show the new data. I would like to know is there any node and any provision that data get updated automatically in knime like power BI. How can user see the reports with updated data?
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Hello @zagadepravinm,

You can try using Wait node

Here is a step-by-step guide to achieve this:

  1. Drag and Drop the Wait Node into your workflow.

  2. Configure the Wait Node:

  • In the configuration dialog, select “Wait for File” under the “Settings” tab.
  • Specify the file pattern you want to monitor.(Creation , Modification and Deletion)
  1. Execute the Workflow:


@zagadepravinm ,

You can use the scheduler to automatically execute your workflow.

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Hello @zagadepravinm ,

Correction to previous solution, the Wait Node by itself cannot help to re-execute the workflow.

As mentioned by @tqAkshay95 , you can use it in combination with scheduler for better results.

KNIME Server Scheduling:

  • Uses KNIME Server to schedule workflows to run at regular intervals. This approach allows you to automate the re-execution of nodes without manual intervention

Sorry for the confusion. Thanks

Thank you @tqAkshay95 for your help

thank you @yogesh_nawale

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