regarding database creatinon and web deployment


From the basic usage and from the document its so friendly to use for plotting and data visualization. I wonder, apart from adding columns to tables and grouping, Is that possible to design data base from the input data from a file and deploy the tool itself online for the webbased visualization.

I'm sorry if the question is too silly, I want to know its usage in a broder range.



We have nodes that allow writing into a database (Database Writer) by creating a new table or appending the data to an existing one. You could also use any of the Database Reader to execute CREATE-like statements. Those statements can for example per parameterized by using workflow variables; note, the last statement need to be s SELECT. I would consider this as a workaround for your problem. KNIME itself can't be deployed to the web, but the KNIME Server allows exposing workflow to the so called KNIME WebPortal. Those can then be accessed via Web-browser or Web-service API. If you need more info on KNIME's enterprise components, please drop me a message.