Regex extract only numbers

Hello everyone how can I create a column only with extraction of numbers using regex:


input: Toy Story (1995)

what I need is:

output: 1995

Hi; maybe this can do what you want

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Use String Manipulation with regexReplace($Power Series$, “[^0-9]”, “”) function.


thanks in advance, but in my case I have several years and it would be a lot of work to type every year

thank you very much it worked!



proposed regex solution works if there are no numbers in movies (or what ever strings represent) like Kill Bill: Vol. 2 under assumption you are only interested in year.

This regex in Regex Split node should covers above scenario as well:


Also you can use reverse() function together with substring() function from String Manipulation node to obtain year only cause when reversed year always start as same position.


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What you wrote really happened, there are entries like that too.

entry: Toy Story 1000 (1995)

more output that I wish is only the year

output: 1995

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