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Hello everyone
i’m a little confused about how to input multiple regex’s in the regex extractor node.
Do i just run to of the nodes sequentially or is there a way in the configurations to use two regex patterns. My first regex pattern is "Patient:(.) and my second one is
"Insured ID:(.
) how do i use both of these. The text im trying to extract has both of these in each page of pdf. When I only use patient regex it works and extracts the Patient Name. but when i hit enter to enter other regex pattern under the patient(.*) it does not work. If anyone has any insight, id highly appreciate it !

If you are using the “Regex Extractor” node, there can be two ways to achieve it: Execute two regular expressions simultaneously.

  • Use the “|” symbol to concatenate two regular string.

Patient:(.*\b)|Insured ID:(.*\b)

  • Use “()”, and execute the extraction of two regular strings sequentially. For example:

\S*Patient:(.*\b)\S*Insured ID:(.*\b)\S*

If there are still problems, it is best to provide a test example and the expected output description. The example can use anonymous data or be masked as necessary.

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Patient:(.\b)|Insured ID:(.\b)
this one worked but the patient name and insured id are not right next to eachother in the result. The insured id is one line under the patient name,which i can easily fix when i output to xlsx but i would like to figure out a way to have them right next to eachother in the case where i have to do thousands of names and ID

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Thank you for your help so far @tomljh