Regex for a specific part of a word

Hello guys,
I know it is a dumb question at this point, but I cannot get the Regex Replace to work properly. I need help with phrasing syntax correctly.

I have a string with c/o or C/O in them (= care of). I want to replace them with @. The following regex produces undesirable results. It replaces all o’s and C’s in the string:
: regexReplace($VendorCompanyName$,"[(c/o)|(C/O)]" ,"@" )

So, instead of Province c/o Sam, I get Pr@vince @@@ Sam.

I know it must be an easy fix, but I am lost. Please help!
thank you!!!

Hi there @IrynaK,

why using regex and not replace() function from String Manipulation? This should work just fine:
replace($column1$, "c/o" , "@", "i")

Also regarding regex. It is not working cause syntax is written so it replaces every c,o,C,O and / character with @. Think cause of [ ]. So this one works just fine:

regexReplace($column1$,"c/o|C/O" ,"@" )

or this one with case insensitive identifier up front:

regexReplace($column1$,"(?i)c/o" ,"@" )



Worked like a charm!! So glad you are here helping out, guys! :slight_smile: :clap:


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