Regex for extracting strings

Hi everyone,

I want to extract the “PLTR” and “CVTR” text from all rows in column VORGANGBEZ shown in the image attached below.

Could someone please tell me what node(s) I could use and what regular expression -if necessary- I should use.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @SantiN

Why are some instances of PLTR and CVTR highlighted but not others?

What does your desired output look like?


My thought is instead of using Regex function, you can simply use a JAVA snippet to write an if-else statement says if the column contains ‘PLTR’ then ‘PLTR’ elseif column contains ‘CVTR’ then CVTR.

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You can use String Manipulation Node with regexReplace
If your strings are only PLTR and CVTR you can use a regular expression like this:
regexReplace(yourColumn, “(PLTR|CVTR)”, “$1”)

If you want match any uppercase string with exactly 4 chars, regex becomes


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Errata corrige:
correct regex expressioons are:

regexReplace(yourColumn, “.*(PLTR|CVTR).*”, “$1”)

If you’d rather not use RegEx, this should also be possible with a Rule-based Row Filter node, using an expression similar to



Hi @elsamuel,

I highlighted only some of them as an example of what I wanted to be extracted.
I want all of them (PLTR and CVTR) extracted in a new column.

Hi eric020977,

Sadly, I know nothing about Java coding.
Could you please give me an example of what code you would write to get that “PLTR” and “CVTR” are extracted from VORGANGBEZ column to a new column?

Hello pigreco,

I tried the first regex expression and got an error message, however, I used the regex in a split node and it worked quite good.



Correct image of regex split node…

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Hello ScottF,

I used the Rule-based Row Filter, but I didn’t want to filter any row as there are some rows which have neither “PLTR” nor “CVTR”. However, I used instead the Rule Engine node as shown below and it worked very well.

Thanks for the hint about using the wildcard (*)!


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