Regex issue

Hi everyone,

I have some issues with Regex Split node.

I have the following string structure :
sdfddf_ros_sdfsdf_cpc_1x1_010118_fr_sdfsdfss-promo@178332@_sdfsdf sdfs sddg

I would like to retrieve the ID between @ : @178332@

I have tested : .@(.)@ on and it works, but when i tried to test it on Knime, the Regex node i use do not match anything.

here attachement :
kn_example_read_excel_file_name.knwf (53.5 KB)
do do match anything.

Many thanks for your help

The Regex Split node will always match the whole string, not parts of it. Try the following regex pattern:


or, to make sure you only match digits:


You could also try the Cell Splitter node with @ as delimiter.

many thanks for your help guys

.@(\d)@.* works perfectly, i might try also Cell Splitter node

thanks again