Regex replace function in String manipulation and string replacer [\.\&\@\-\_\(\)\{\}\[\]\'\"\;\:\,\%\*\/\\\#\+\=\^\>\<]

While using Regex “[.&@-_(){}’”;:,%*/\#+=^><]" to replace special characters, String Manipulation node is giving missing value and string replacer node is giving desired result

Please tell me why this is happening

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Regex replacement as you described works for me in the String Manipulation Node. I’m using the following expression:

regexReplace($column1$, "[.&@-_(){}'\";:,%*/\#+=^><]", "")

Did you make sure to escape the double quotes in the expression?

If so and you’re still running into the problem, could you provide me with a small sample workflow that shows the erroneous behavior?