Regex Split: Add Support for Named Groups


the cell splitter node has a limitation compared to the Regex Extractor from Selenium nodes which requires additional column name treatment due to the split suffix being appended.

I’d like tot suggest to add support for named groups like so:

^(?<Column Name 1>my string)(?<Column Name 2>another string)$


Than you again @mwiegand for your feedback.

I guess you meant “Regex Split” here instead of Cell Splitter, right?
As soon as you confirm this, I’m happy to create a ticket.

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Sorry for the confusion added, you are correct, I meant the Regex Split node. Can you adjust the title please?

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Thank you @mwiegand,

I created a ticket regarding your suggestion (AP-21048).


Internal ticket ID: UIEXT-1642
Fix version(s): 5.3.0
Other related topic(s): -