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Sorry for this probably very basic question (I am still a beginner): I have a column with street names and numbers which shall be split into 2 columns (one with street name and one with number). The problem is that sometimes there are not only numbers but also text. I am using Regex split (\D.+)\s(\d(?:.+)?) but it doesn’t work for all cells (if there is not only a number but also words).

Some examples that don’t work:
Altmannsdorfer Anger 27/Weg 4/87 (should be Altmannsdorfer Anger AND 27/Weg 4/87)
Adolfstorgasse 15-17/Haus 20/B/2 (should be Adolfstorgasse AND 15-17/Haus 20/B/2)
Neubergenstraße 30b/25+ 26 (should be Neubergenstraße AND 30b/25+ 26)
Mariahilfer Straße 137/Königsklostergasse 100/20 (should be Mariahilfer Straße AND 137/Königsklostergasse 100/20)
Margeritenweg 20/Parz. 33 (should be Margeritenweg AND 20/Parz. 33)

Can anyone help with this? I would be eternally grateful.

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regex_street.knwf (23.3 KB)
Does this help?

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This is great!! Many thanks!!

But now I have the problem that I can only rename column “Full Match” but not column “Group 1” (the one I need actually), do you know why? It’s not in the list to choose from.

Also, I get the message ‘Node created an empty data table’.

I have an Excel Writer between the joiner and the column rename and both columns are in there.

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I have fixed this now, however, the Joiner has re-organised the data (I have over 60 columns) I think cause none of the nodes after the joiner work anymore. After the joiner I compare columns and before I had around 29k matches, now apparently 5 (not k!!)…

Maybe you have an idea, what happened?