Regex tutorial / construction site that can be used in Knime

Hi Knimers,

In my work, I have to use regex a lot, but I do not know how to construct regex which can be used in Knime. Can anyone of you point me in the direction of regex tutorial or construction website which works readily once I prepare it in that site. I tried couple of sites but they are not readily implementable in Knime directly.

I know this is really not a knime related query directly but many of you may be already using it to construct the regex using some sites. Hence, requesting for help.


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Hi @kamtaot

Did you see this one

it comes with the Palladian extension (see for installation instructions):

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS,

Thank you for the input. I haven’t seen these nodes until now. I will go through them and post if I have any queries.



Hi @kamtaot

My number one tip:

Go to and build your expression there. Click on Code Generator → Java and copy paste the contents of the final String regex into KNIME. This is automatically formatted in such a way that it is always compatible with KNIME. It just takes a few seconds :wink:


Hi @ArjenEX,

I will try this and will update back.


Would it be possible to make a in node RegEx ide like R or python using regex101? It is a very handy tool.

Something for Feedback & Ideas I’d say :wink:

I was successful using chat GPT if a symbol isn’t recognisable by knime you can tell chat GPT and they adjust the suggest formulas.

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I use Poe (LLM) for regex and regex101 to test it.

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