Regex with a common pattern

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I’ve be struggling with partial string matching in Knime. Basically the task is to extract all records that follow this pattern: AAA111 (where A means any letter and 1 means any number its always 3 letters followed by 3 numbers)

Does anybody have any ideas how to resolve this? or experience working with partial matching in Knime?

Thank you in advance!

You need a regex pattern right? [A-Z]{3}\d{3}

Yes, I need the pattern and also to extract it, already used the node String manipulation and used this function


but just got true or false, I need to extract what it found.

Example: sale-aaa111 today
It should extract aaa111

This is because you use the regexMatcher. Try using the regexsplit or regexextractor node


Hello @sergiobar93,

this one should work in Regex Split node:

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Hi It worked with regex extract using this '*[a-zA-Z]{3}\d{3}'*

Thank you

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