RegexReplace in String Manipulation (Multicolumns)

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I am using (or attempting to use) the String Manipulation (Multiple columns) to remove double quotes (’ " ‘) from a table. However, I can’t get the regex term right, and I also note the node throws an exception error when I try to do this, if it doesn’t find a quote. I am also using this node also to remove linefeed (’ \n ‘) and line break (’ \r ') from the table.

I did create a loop to do this, but it is slow, so string manipulation (multicolumn) is a lot faster.

The regex term used;
Double Quote:



Any help would be appreciated.



The double quote regex setting;


fails with the following error;
RROR String Manipulation (Multi Column) 4:1051:0:1044 Execute failed: Execution stopped: Evaluation of expression failed for row “Row0”: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke “java.lang.CharSequence.length()” because “this.text” is null

Table Creator → Create a Column with the quotation mark → Connect to Table Row to Variable → Connect the Flow Variable to the String Manipulator → use formula: replace($your_column$,$${Squotation_mark_flow_variable}$$,“replacement_char_here”)


Solved the double quote by using the following in String Manpulation (column);

replace($$CURRENTCOLUMN$$,“"”,“” )

Will use the above suggestion to handle the linebreak and linefeed

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Above replace string is missing escape character, need to but a back slash ’ \ ’ between first double quote and the second double quote in string “”"

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