Register database driver


I have to execute a workflow with the following requirements:

- The workflow should be executed in other machines (not in my PC)

- The workflow should be called using Batch Mode.

- The workflow should query a PostgreSQL database (Using database node reader, and other Database access KNIME nodes ).

Unfortunetaly,  I am experiencing problems with the registration of the DDBB driver:

Could not register database driver "org.postgresql.Driver", reason: org.postgresql.Driver

In the following link, Gabriel points out the solution:

It works fine for me, but unfortunately I cannot access the KNIME intallations of the remote PC's in order to do all the process of the preferences generation:

    File->Preferences->KNIME->Database Driver->New->Select the .jar
    File->Export Preferences->Save .epf file

My question is the following: since I know the ubication of the driver file .jar in the remote PC. It is possible to mount/build the preferences file (.epf) in an automatic way (command line or something similar) ?

Thanks in advance.


If you have control over the other computers, the best solution would be to create a custom plug-in that contains the JDBC driver. See the JDBCDriver extension point in org.knime.core for details.

I don't know of a way to import and export preferences automatically (e.g. from the command line), but probably there is a way in Eclipse to do so. You may also edit the .epf ny hand/by a script since it is a plain text file. It should be enough to just change the line(s) with the JDBC drivers and remove everything else.