Regression line in Scatter Plot

@zioludo Re: Creating Scatter Plot with regression line
Thank you for the regression line plotter component. This is very useful visualization.

However the node will not create a regression line if values are less than 1. I think the Round function in the “calculate range to plot” metanode is set to round to an integer and my values are decimal, so the round function results in Min/Max values of 0 and no regression line is drawn.

Is there a workaround that I can incorporate?

Dear Onjai,

Let me have a look at it… it has been a while I did not work with that node.
Do you have some test data to share?



Attached excel file of test data. The workflow is simple. see attached image.

The regression plotter node is configured as follows:

When the node is executed, a number of errors are recorded, as follows:

test_data.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Any assistance would be appreciated.

The line plotter looks like this:

If I change the values of pkht (by factor of 1000X) to integers, the regression line is drawn and looks like this:

Hope this information helps.