regression predictor failed: no match found

Hi, guys, I did design a very simple workflow that performs a linear regression (on 2667 rows of data already cleaned and organized, with 34 variables, all numeric, double or integer) and it definitely gets a resulting model (green lamp on). The regression learner is followed by a regression predictor which receives connections from the learner node (blue box) and from the same data which was fed to the learner (predictor starts with a yellow lamp when connected). When I ask the predictor to run I get a message ERROR Regression Predictor 0:19 Execute failed: No match found, where 19 is the predictor node. Any clue of what might be wrong?

Does this post help?


Wow! You got right into the point! I would never figure out what the cause was, and even less would know how to fix it. Thank you very, very much!


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