Regular expression in Row Filter chceck box KNIME 4.3.2

I’ve wanted to use regular expressions in filtering several times.
This option is right on the screen.
Unfortunately KNIME does not show how it interpreted the expression.
That’s why I use which visualizes the selection .
I moved this expression to KNIME and it didn’t work even though it worked correctly.
I always assumed that if I check the checkbox the expression would be applied.
Unfortunately this is not true because the expression e.g. “.[A-Z_0-9]+” creates “.[a_z_0-9]+”.
Therefore, you need to check the checkbox "case sensitive match " and only then it will start working.
I am writing this so that others know that such a small thing will make it impossible to use this option completely.
See picture .

if the case sensitive match option is NOT checked, the expressions

will all have the same effect.

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