Regulating the thickness of edges in a network

Dear all,

I have constructed a network and this is shown with the network viewer. Within this network different colors of the edges are there. However, is it also possible to have a different thickness of the edges based on the numbers in the second column of the csv file?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi marsteva

It is possible and your setup is indeed correct for doing so (width = weigth under Edge Layout tab on the Network Viewer node). I think that you only need to modify the "Basic width" parameter on the same tab in order to scale the weigth feature value by that factor when displaying each edge. For your example, a value of 100 seems to produce adequate results. You can find more on this on the Network Viewer node help, under the aforementioned parameters description.

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Dear Jorge,

Yes, that is exactly what was required. Thank you very much. It is working now.

Best wishes