Reimplement a workflow in KNIME

I am working on the Wisconsin breast cancer data and trying to reimplement one of the experiments conducted in a journal article. The experiment impemented Knn classification after implementing fuzzy weighting and artificial immune system (AIS) algorithm. Any advice on how to go about it? I am looking for some already built AIS algorthm that I can use, but cant seem to find any. It will have t be multiple nodes working on the dataset. Any feedback is appreciated.

Hi @MariaAslam,
currently such an algorithm is not natively implemented in KNIME. But you could use any of the available R and Python libraries by utilizing our R and Python integrations!
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Hi, and thanks. AIS generally uses the negative selection and feature space. Is there no combination of nodes that I can employ to create a similar effect?

unfortunately I don’t know of the exact algorithms of AIS to give you a definite answer here. It might be possible using a loop and a couple of Math Formula nodes, but it would probably be much slower than using a library. Sorry to be of little help here :-
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