Reinstallation Problem

According to page 6 of the quickstart.pdf 'KNIME is uninstalled from your system by simply deleting the installation directory'.

As I have corrupted my installation of KNIME (v2.7.1 on MS Win 7 Professional) I want to reinstall after removing the current installation.

However when I delete the installation and reinstall I find that there seems to be an ini file some where that I can't find.  Consequently when I reinstall the application it dosen't open to the Welcome Screen/ Additional features.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


That Welcome Screen only appears in new workspaces as I know. Did you try to open it with your old workspaces? (Is the problem still present? Or just missing the welcome screen?)

Cheers, gabor

It was lack of knowledge on my part while specifying the workspace location.  This resulted in my not deleting the workspace before reistalling.

Thanks for your comments, however.