Related workflows on hub should be filtered? or sorted?

Hi, KNIMEr :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

When I open the node page in the hub looking for examples. As you see…

Lots of Installing Extensions workflows…I don’t have a better idea to sort related workflows, But I guess this type of workflow should be put last.


@HaveF yes this would be a great idea. Or improve the sorting by number of downloads. “Kudos” is nice but there are not enough of them. “Best” is not transparent and does not fully solve this problem.

hi, @mlauber71 btw, have you ever received my email :rofl: I send it one day ago

@HaveF where did you send it? I am not aware of an email :slight_smile: sorry. Not sure where to find the (new) direct mails on this platform

@HaveF you got mail, hopefully. Oh and I found your email :sweat_smile: