relation betwen these classes :nodeFactory, nodeModel ,nodeView, NodeDialogPane


I am a beginner with the Knime platefrom, 
I want to develop a node, but I can not understand the relationship between 
the classes generated during the creation of the node package(nodeFactory, nodeModel ,nodeView, NodeDialogPane) 
I can not understand the principle of operation, 
I want to know the difference between these classes and the relationship between them. 
Thanks for your answers.


This is explained in detail here:

-- Philipp

Thanks philip for your answer, but I have already consulted the link,and I didn't understand,
I would like a brief explanation of the relationship between these classes.


Follow the New Node Wizard as outlined in the developer guide. This way, you can read and experiment with the example code in case you are more comfortable learning that way.

Thanks Joe for your answer.