Relocate a whole workflow on the workflow editor

Dear Knimers,
I have written a (somewhat complex or extense) workflow on my workflow editor.
Then, I realized it was at the end of this editor, and I have to move it down and right, if I wish to see or modify it.
I ask for help on 'how to relocate the workflow as a whole" to the left and to the top of the page. Whenever I open it again, I have to search for it (it is positioned at the bottom and to the right on this Editor. But, when I try to move the workflow, it leaves behind some of the connectors, and I have additional work to correct them all, one by one, or instead, to delete and to make new ones.
Is there a possible way to move them as a whole? Or is there any way to relocate it to the top and left of this area?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @rogerius1st

Use CTRL+A to select all nodes, connections, annotations, etc and pick a random place to move it as a whole via drag and drop.


Hi @rogerius1st

Indeed some times the workflows seem not to start at the origin of the Editor space (top-left) and for big workflows, this might be cumbersome.

The way I usually move all the nodes of a workflow to the top-left of the editor area without resetting or modifying anything is as follows:

  1. Press on the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A to select all the nodes of the workflow.
  2. Left mouse click and hold mouse button on one of the extreme top-left nodes of the workflow while making sure that none of the nodes is deselected.
  3. Move your mouse to the top-left of the editor space while keeping the left mouse button clicked until reaching the place you want the whole workflow to move.

Alternatively, if your workflow is not run (or doesn’t matter if you reset it), then:

  1. Press on the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A to select all the nodes of the workflow.
  2. Then shortcut Ctrl-X to suppress the whole workflow.
  3. Move the arrow where you need to place the workflow and click on right-mouse button to select the “Paste Option” from the popup menu.

    This should place the workflow exactly starting at the place where you previously set your arrow. Crtl-C does not so use the former and not this latter way of copying.

Hope one of the two solutions (or both) helps.


PS: Just for info, please be aware than most of the Windows (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) shortcuts also work on KNIME, for instance (Crtl-V (paste), Crtl-Z (undo), Crtl-Y (redo), etc.) and many of them are referenced in the KNIME contextual menus depending of what you need to do. For instance:

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It would be nice if KNIME would also save / load the current zoom and window positioning. It would simplify use and transfer of larger workflows. There are areas of large / complex workflows that I prefer to have zoomed in / focused on to monitor (or have other users monitor) during a run. When you have hundreds of nodes in a workflow that performs various tasks this gets pretty tricky.

You can collapse portions into metanodes or components, but I often feel the need to keep the extreme spacing to allow for re-expansion to adjust things in context.

Do you need to see the whole workflow? If not use metanodes and components to “shrink” it down

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